Looking to Buy an Electric Bikes? Here’s What You Should Know

Electric rides are rapidly evolving — skateboards, motors, hoverboards — and they’re more than just a new technology trend. As most consumers see it, electric rides are actually essential to the future of travel and transportation.

Electric bicycles are at the forefront of this revolution. While e-bikes aren’t new and once received initial backlash from city officials, they’re quickly overtaking the regular bike market.

The main appeal? A battery-powered ride effectively leads to a faster, easier commute for urban dwellers.

With this in mind, there’s no better time to start your search for an electric bike. Around the world, the market is expanding with battery-powered rides of various sizes and power, from new brands like RIDEL to larger bicycle manufacturers.

 The new market includes high-tech innovation, introducing e-bikes designs with smart technology, sleek design and security in mind.

Ridel E-Bikes focuses on these innovations without an additional cost to the consumer, helping people get from their A to B more affordable than most rides on the market today.

With a variety of makes, models and alternatives, we break down the latest news in electric bicycles.

E-Bikes Are Rising in the US

E-bikes have long been a way of life in Europe, especially among bike-friendly countries like Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

And returning to a car-dominated society post-pandemic is highly unlikely, encouraging urban planners to transform cities for electric bikes

. As the world slowed down, some companies initially saw road bicycles and e-bike sales decrease as the global supply chain was upended with lockdown regulation — but today, sales are skyrocketing as many consumers are purchasing e-bikes for the first time.

Although these user-friendly rides have been around for decades, they have had a negative reputation in the past among purist cyclists.

However, bike manufacturers have been working on innovative updates to shift their public perception, making them more fun and user-friendly for the average rider.

 Young urban commuters are finally catching on in the United States as well, especially as bikes come to market with significantly faster motors and lightweight batteries.

Companies, including RIDEL, are introducing new, high-tech e-bikes that appeal to riders of all skill sets. E-bike enthusiasts and trends researchers alike are predicting huge and consistent spikes in the coming months and years to follow.


An Added Boost of Power

So, what’s so amazing about e-bikes? These electric rides are powered with a battery triggered when you start pedaling, or in some cases, use a throttle for extra oomph. A small motor comes on when you push the pedals, adding a boost to your commute, making it easier and more effective to zip up hills or ride over bumpy, off-road terrain.

 A throttle gives the same effect, without having to pedal. 

E-bikes generally use either torque sensors or cadence sensors to generate power. Torque sensors regulate the motor based on how hard you’re pushing the pedals — RIDEL’s Tripster model has a 500W motor, for example, which pumps out 65 nm of torque, giving you the ability to power through any kind of rugged terrain you might encounter.

 Cadence sensors work off of how fast you pedal. Some models on the market use both of these sensors.

If you’re able to, you can test out both types of motors to determine which is the best fit for your lifestyle, whether you’re using the bike to commute or go off-roading the mountains.


In the United States, there are currently three classes of e-bikes which are determined by motor power.

 Pedal-assist without a motor is Class 1; throttle-assist up to 20mph is Class 2; and pedal-assist only without throttle and reaching up to 28mph is Class 3. 


Where to Purchase

E-bikes can be purchased both online or at your local bike store. RIDEL is currently available in physical stores in New Jersey and New York so you can test before you buy if you’re located in the area.

RIDEL E-Bikes is also currently in-stock and shipping nationwide, ready to be assembled with the assistance of an instruction manual that comes with your purchase.

Other brands and models are taking to Kickstarter or Indiegogo in an attempt to elevate existing designs and innovative technology. 

These models, however, will not be available in the near future given the backlog in the global supply chain.

?Ready to RIDEL

Depending on the brand, e-bikes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points.

 From lightweight commuter bikes with sleek designs to electric mountain bikes with thick tires, there’s a ton of options on the market today paving the way for the future of mobility.

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